Submit a Show Guide to StageAgent

Include a guide for your play or musical and expose your work to a worldwide audience

I recommend that fellow authors post guides for their plays on StageAgent. StageAgent has helped bring international exposure for my play Angel and led to new orders!

-Martin Foreman, Playwright

Benefits to Playwrights

Gain exposure for your play

If your guide is accepted, we will post it to our database of shows which is used by theatre producers around the world to plan their seasons.

Add your biography to our database of playwrights and composers

Put your name and list of works in front of thousands of theatre fans, performers, teachers and producers.

Help actors by by providing audition and practice materials

Attain further exposure to your work by including sample content in our libraries of monologues, scenes and songs.


Q: Is there a fee to include a guide for my play on StageAgent?

A. No, there is no charge to include a guide for your play on StageAgent.

Q: How do you decide what works to accept?

A. We accept or reject guides at our discretion. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • You must be the creator of the play and/or own the rights to the play.
  • Your guide must include a detailed synopsis, detailed character breakdowns and sample materials such as monologues, scenes and/or songs.
  • Users must have a way to contact you if they would like to purchase the full script or license the play for performance.

Q: Do I only need to include the main characters in the breakdown, or all characters?

A. All characters

Q: Do you accept submissions for one-act and ten-minute plays?

A. Yes

Submission Instructions

  1. Copy this template for plays and this template for musicals in Google Docs
  2. Fill out all required fields and email to the Stageagent contact person listed on the Doc.
  3. Questions? Contact Us